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This is the book you䴜ve been waiting for. The Music Lesson contains many of the lessons, ideas, and "ways of thinking" Victor has become known for. Victor surprises us again by writing this book as a novel ! If you have ever wanted to get inside the mind of Victor Wooten, this is the book for you.

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Victor Wooten, Michael Kott & Mark O'Connor
Photo: Rose Reburn

The Music Lesson chronicles the story of a young bass player desperately in need of improving. He awakens one day to find a strange man in his house. This man tells the young bass player that he is his teacher. "Teacher of what?" the student asks. "Nothing," the strange man replies. This is the start of an interesting and entertaining journey.
After choosing Music as a subject, the two musicians start on an expedition that opens the student䴜s eyes, mind, and body to things he never before dreamed of. He quickly realizes that he is learning much more than Music. He learns, along that way, that as well as helping himself, he is actually helping his Life and the Life of Music in the process.

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"The Music Lesson is a revelation."
Chris Jisi, Senior Contributing Editor, Bass Player

"A must read for any music enthusiast."
Chuck Rainey, World Class Bassist and Recording Artist

"Victor Wooten is the Carlos Castaneda of music‰¥Ï
Bass players will be surprised by this book"
Tony Levin, World Class Bassist with Peter Gabriel Band


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