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The Music Lesson
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The Performers

MichaelMichael Kott (Michael)is a cellist and composer who has worked with artists such as Mark OConnor, Robert Mirabal, Peter Buffett, and Victor Wooten - writing two of the songs on Victors Grammy nominated album Yin Yang. Michaelhas been known to perform playing cello and singing while riding a skateboard, andcontinues to travel the world bringing the vibration of the cello to new audiences around the world.



ChuckChuck Rainey (Uncle Clyde)is credited as bassist on over 5,000 music recordings. With artists such as Louie Armstrong, Aretha Franklin, Steely Dan, Michael Jackson, and The Jackson 5 on his resume, Chucks career as a performer and studio musician has spanned over 51 years.



SamSam Hunter (Sam)was born in 1992 in Nashville, TN where he currently resides. Sam, a multi-instrumentalist, is a busy studio musician and singer/songwriter pursuing a career as a recording artist.





RadmillaRadmila Bowers(Isis)was born in Cairo, Egypt and grew up in the Czech republic. Thirteen years ago she came to the US for what was supposed to be a three month vacation. She lived in New York for seven years and now lives near Nashville, Tennessee with her husband and their two children




JDJ.D. Blair, (The Drummer)"The Groove Regulator"
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MomDorothy W Wooten (Music)Mother of 5 sons, Elijah (Regi), Roy, Rudy, Joseph, & Victor was born and now resides in Rural N. Carolina. Dorothy and her late husband, Elijah Pete Wooten, retired in 1972 and moved to Newport News, VA where they continued to support and foster their boys education, musical talents and career. At this stage of my life, I am very content. I love life, love people, and dont need or want anything materially. My sons have made me very proud of the men they have shown themselves to be, first and foremost, and all of us share love for their musical abilities.

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